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I am a self-taught designer + DESSERT ARTIST + MAKER


Thanks for stopping by my creative studio!

Wether you're looking for delicious cakes + french macarons, wanting to buy some jewelry, looking for a brand + web designer, need a reiki treatment or want to feel inspired... you've come to the right place!


My Story

I don't know about you but I've come a long way to get to where I am now... 

When things in my life took a confusing and life changing turn, I felt shattered and empty. I'd spent years going to school for something I'm no longer able to do, so I had to get creative with what came next for me. I had to start doing something, anything to try and pick myself back up. By starting small I gravitated towards doing things that made me happy and made me feel good again. I learned reiki and studied the healing properties of crystals which gave my spirit the space to grow. Once my spirit got stronger, I decided to start a diy website called Handmade Jade where I posted tutorials on how to make jewelry. I wanted a space to share with others how to make things I loved making. As it grew in popularity, I started to receive many requests for opening a shop so people could purchase the jewelry I'd made. I worked really hard, taught myself how to take my own photos and edit them so they looked good. This diy website allowed me to be able to get into and share lots of my favourite things. That's when I started playing around with baking and then macarons happened. I spent every chance I got practicing and perfecting them. Then along came the cakes... Now they're available to order as well! 

Throughout all of this, I taught myself branding + web design because I saw how important it was to make sure my customers experience was cohesive and professional. I've done everything from craft tables to dessert tables. I fell in love with branding + web design and now I design and brand other creatives and makers so they too can have a cohesive customer experience and special place online. I understand what creatives and makers will need because I do this myself.


I believe that all crafters, makers and creatives can have a brand and website that makes them feel like their business is meaningful, professional and awesome! I know what it's like to work at your day job to pay the bills and work on your passion projects in all your spare time. You do it because you love what you do and because one day you want to have your passion work be what you get paid to do!

You have big dreams and I totally support you!

I think you're amazing!  


I've always had many things I love doing and I found it difficult to pick just one!


Welcome to the space where I can do it all! 

 {  and eat my cake too  }