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01. CAKE


Layered cakes - the perfect indulgence

Cakes for any occasion. All cakes are made with 4 layers of cake, filled with silky smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream and other fillings. They come with the option of a full coat of buttercream or semi-naked coat of buttercream. All cakes are topped with decorations and a little bit of luxurious 24 karat gold leaf.

* They can also be customized with sweet fixins - macarons, chocolate oreos,
meringues, flowers, crumbles, chocolate bark, cake gems etc. 




ARE Always a good idea

Cupcakes can be customized easily to suit your party, event or branding.
They serve many people and are perfect for a dessert table.

*available flavours - same as cake




Tiny bites of heaven

French macarons are delicate cookies made with almond flour, icing sugar and meringue. 
They are filled with just about any filling you can imagine!

A perfect dessert treat to have at your next event!


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